Treatment of varicose veins

Varicose vein injection ( sclerotherapy )

varicose-vein-injectionVaricose veins in the vast majority cause no harm. How ever it is a big deal in the USA and recently becoming  similar in Australia.

Varicose veins can be treated but, not cured.  Reasons for treatment of varicose veins are: to relieve aches and pains, preventing ulcers, treating ulcers, or to remove unsightliness of those large tortuous veins. Dr Tran  does all the large varicose veins at the clinic.

For large deep varicose veins we perform ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy. In our hands, treatment of varicose veins is simple,  quick, safe and long lasting procedure.

Surgery does have a role in the treatment of varicose veins, we generally reserve this for very large (1cm+ in diameter.) Using surgery alone as a treatment of varicose veins is not ideal as recurrence is very high. A combination of surgery for larger veins followed by sclerotherapy to other veins works well.

Facial vein injection

Not every one will be an ideal patient for sclerotherapy.  We will advise you about your suitability for this quick and simple sclerotherapy procedure. Generally if you can’t  walk 30mins daily, very overweight or have a lot of medical problems, then we may advise against injection therapy for cosmetic reasons.

Microsclerotherapy for the face and legs is also simple, however, as a general rule:  numerous amounts of small  veins may be more difficult and more fiddly during the injecting process. The bigger the veins the easier and outcome is better.

We usually reserve treatment of varicose veins for the cooler seasons so that you may be more comfortable in wearing stockings and to allow bruising to settle, and which may take several months to fade.

And of-course – No long Aeroplane travel for ~ 6 weeks post injection ; unless you want to take warfarin, pradaxa, clexane etc. to thin out your blood hence, reduction in risk of DVTs ( deep venous thrombosis)

And lastly – Don’t wait until summer to have varicose vein treatments  or you will be wearing jeans for the next 3 months to hide bruising. Generally if you have the darker skin type, take iron tablets and have large superficial veins then you will bruise for longer.


Sclerotherapy is very simple so the cost is affordable compared to hospital treatment.

There is a  Medicare rebate of ~$100 per treatment session ( up to a  max 6 sessions however, rarely will most of our patient go beyond 3 sessions )

we generally charge $180 to $400 per treatment.
If you have say, two midsized varicosed “long saphenous veins” and required one bottle of fibrovein or polidocanol and they can be done in one session then you will be charged for that session only.