Fees & Appointments


We concentrate on what we do best and without cross subsiding inefficiencies you will benefit greatly from our lower fees.

We generally don’t bulk-bill however,  Our Fees are more than 50% off the market/AMA’s fees. e.g for complicated surgery where the AMA’s gap fee is ~$1000 and medicare scheduled gap fee is ~$100, our gap fee will be ~ $200~$500

 DVA patients are fully bulk billed .


our regular fees

Consult: $75-$110– Rebate $70
Biopsy: $70 – Rebate $47
Surgery gap fee single or multiple lesions if done in one session :
$ 100 ( Straight forward surgery)
up to $500 ( Complicated surgery)
Pathology fee = bulk billed
Disadvantaged patients – we will advise you on discounted fee
recommended retail fees*
Consult: $250 – Rebate $70
1st biopsy $176 – Rebate $47
Surgery gap fee for single lesion:
$ 500-$1000
Pathology fee = extra

 Aged and Disability including DVA card holders are Bulk billed directly to medicare. Procedure fees are applicable.

  • Freezing, scraping and burning or biopsying of sinister lesions may be done during consultation. Surgical appointments will be scheduled for 30 minutes to One hour.
  • All skin cancer surgery, plastic-reconstructive and skin/dermatologic procedures are done within the clinic under local anaesthetic. For very large lesions or a deep melanoma we will arrange on your behalf to the right tertiary centre/hospital for treatment.
  • Skin cancer check consultations are bulk billed to Medicare for aged pension and disability card holders and Children under 16.
  • Consultations and surgeries are bulk billed to DVA for war veterans.
  • There is a small gap fee for procedures depending on time, complexity and materials used ( such as biopsies, freezing of skin cancers, surgery etc…)
  • For patients unfortunate enough to have multiple skin cancers; our fee will be discounted.
  • We happily give results over the phone to the patient (but, not to relatives or friends) and send results to your doctor.
  • We have Electronic patient claiming for your convenience.  We  can send your claim information directly to Medicare Online (Medicare will need to have your bank details. we do not ask for or keep bank details on our system it is between the patient and Medicare). Benefits will then be paid directly into your bank account from Medicare almost immediately.

Medicare safety net.

In the event that all of your out of pocket medical bills for the year ( from doctors, hospitals, etc… ) are greater than ~$600 for concession card holders and ~$1200 for non concession card holders then you will benefit from Medicare safety net, where all gap fees are discounted by 80%. I.e..  If you are $100 out of pocket when safety net is reached then Medicare will return $80 to you. Google “Medicare safety net” for more information.