Lipoma removal


lipoma-removalLipoma removal to back, scalp and arm

A lipoma is a soft, fatty lump that grows under the skin. It is harmless.  For most patients lipoma removal is for aesthetic or functional reason/s.

Lipomas can occur on any area of skin where there are fat cells, they commonly occur on the shoulders, neck, chest, arms and back. They range from the size of a pea to a few centimetres across, and they grow very slowly. Most lipomas are isolated. It is unusual to develop more than one or two lipomas. Patients afflicted by familial lipomatosis will have them all over the body.

Can lipomas turn cancerous ?

If your lipoma feels like soft rubber then you can feel pretty safe that the lipoma is not cancerous. Cancerous lipomas ( sarcoma ) are very rare and  tend to grow fast and feel very firm like an irregular lump of rock.

Reasons for lipoma removal:

Most people like their lipoma removed if it’s large or in an obvious place causing self consciousness or disturbing you  in anyway. We do lipoma removal under local anaesthetic, just like a visit to the dentist. When your skin is numbed a small cut is placed over the lump and the lipoma can be squeezed out. small ones pop out easily. Large ones need some extra work to grab them out. Some times it may be impossible to removed the entire lipomatous mass.  This is especially true for large multi-lobulated lipomas. If you have super sized lipoma then your lipoma removal may best done with lipo-suction. We will help you find the surgeon interest in lipo-suction. Get them out small to avoid tedious time consuming operation later.