Dr Thanh Pham

Dr Thanh Pham

Diploma dermatology
Member of Skin Cancer College Australasia

Dr Thanh Pham is a fully qualified medical graduate with specialist recognition by the Medical Board of Australia. She has an Australian Dermatology Diploma from the Australian Institute of Dermatology, and is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

Dr Pham has been in the cosmetic field for more than 10 years working with well regarded cosmetic/skin physicians in the Eastern suburbs. She is caring and knowledgeable regarding all aspects of general skin care and skin cancer medicine.  She also has a sub-specialty in environmental, nutritional and psychological medicine.

Dr Pham diagnoses and treats all types of skin cancer.

Dr Pham has excellent surgical skill. She is very dextrous and manages out-patient surgical cases with ease.

Dr Pham services include:  Skin biopsies, simple excisions, plastic surgery procedures (skin flaps, skin grafts) , cryotherapy and prescribes topical therapies for pre-malignant/malignant skin conditions as indicated.

Dr Pham also manages skin rashes as required. However, if you need ro-acutane, plaquinil, imuran, i.e. heavy immuno supression please see your doctor for a referral to a MEDICAL dermatology clinic.