Dr Dai Tran

Dr Dai Tran

Dr Tran is has extensive primary and secondary  skills, knowledge and experience, he  makes out-patient skin cancer management and skin surgery  easier than learning the ABC!

Dr Tran has a Masters of medicine degree in the discipline of skin cancer medicine and surgery, diploma in dermatology, fellow skin cancer college of Australasia and is also a fellow of the royal college of general practice.

Dr Tran has practices in Wollongong and Parramatta. Previously  practiced at Illawarra dermatology,  from 2009 to 2015 and Parramatta skin cancer clinic with Dr Stewart Precians ( now taken over by sun doctors, formally know as southern sun skin cancer clinic )

Dr Tran practices at  at Crown skin cancer and surgical dermatology clinic, 332 Crown Street Wollongong and, Marsden skin cancer and surgical dermatology at 154 Marsden st, Parramatta.

Dr Tran has published (lead author) dermatology papers in reputable peer reviewed medical journals relating to:

  • skin cancer
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Sunscreens
  • Techniques in sclerotherapy (vein injection)
  • Complications in sclerotherapy
  • Skin cancer treatment diagnosis & surgery
  • Practice tips for primary care physicians.

Dr Tran has also presented at national skin cancer conferences &  regularly been involved in aiding and teaching   skin cancer skills to dermatology trainees,  dermatologists, General practitioners, junior doctors and medical students.

He was a foundation member of the skin cancer society of Australasia, whose aim is to demystify and bring accessible skin cancer care to all Australians. To teach and up-skills all interested  GPs on skin cancer dermatology.

Dr Tran now dedicates his time helping patients with surgical skin disease/s.

-Principle skin cancer physician and dermatology proceduralist.
-Specialising in primary and secondary skin cancer care.
Melanoma screening, diagnosis and treatment
-Diagnosis and treatment of sun-induced skin cancers
-Simple to advanced complex surgical procedures
-“modified Mohs’ surgery”
– Procedures are performed within the clinic.
-Expert use of topical therapy for superficial skin cancers
-Expert cryo-therapist
-Photodynamic therapy for superficial skin cancers *
-Cosmetic procedures,Chemical peel, anti-wrinkle injections, facial veins, leg veins        etc..
-Microphotography of low risk atypical moles for comparison where biopsy is not required -Unbiased advice
-Sclerotherapy for spider/varicose veins
-Varicose vein injections (ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy)
-Facial vein injections for large disfiguring red-blue vessels
-Removal of  facial moles, skin cysts, warts, moles, keloids, lipomas, ingrown toe nails, common skin rashes etc…
-Treatment of  benign skin lesions e.g. small ganglions, ingrowing toe nails, recalcitrant warts, skin cysts, skin tags, and lumpy moles