Dr Cameran Azad

Dr Cameran Azad is a highly qualified, trained and accredited skin cancer doctor.

Dr Cameran Azad is a fully qualified medical graduate with specialist recognition by the Medical Board of Australia.  He has a Master of Medicine in the Field of Skin Cancer from the University of Queensland, an Australian Dermatology Diploma from the Australian Institute of Dermatology, and he is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

Dr Azad has wealth of experience in dealing with skin cancers in rural Victoria.

Dr Azad procedural tool box includes: Skin biopsy, Skin excision, Plastic surgery repair ( skin flap and skin graft ), removal of cysts, removal of skin tags and aging warts. He also removes lipomas and other benign tumours or skin lumps and bumps.

Dr Azad also treats common skin rashes however, if you have cystic acne or skin rashes needing heavy immune suppression – You should see a MEDICAL dermatology clinic and not us.