Cosmetic injections


Anti-wrinkle injections are straight forward. More simple and less painful than taking blood from some patient’s arm. Most clinics would have trained nurses doing the injection and the doctors would just lend his or hers name for marketing sake; then take the credit!

Dr Tran has been performing wrinkle reduction injections    for over 10 years.   Dr Tran is an expert in facial skin  surgery and  have been  performing surgeries on the face as a routine and will know exactly which muscles to numb thereby, giving you the most relaxed, wrinkle-less look.

Most patients would have three or twice yearly injections to maintain that wrinkle free look.

If you are having botox or dysport injections for the first time. We would recommend that you do one area at a time, e.g. frown lines, crows feet etc. This way you will get a feel of what having less wrinkles i.e. less facial movements would feel like.

Galderma- price: $3 .5 per unit – the more units you have the less you pay per unit.

Allergan- price: $10-$15 per unit – the more units you have the  less you pay per unit.

 Of course which ever medication you fancy – the end cost is the SAME! 

The most common areas patients like anti-wrinkle-injections are : Frown lines , crows Feet wrinkles and forehead wrinkle lines

Other injection areas:  Eyelid spasms, brow lift,gummy smiles, bunny lines-nasal crunch lines, squared-jaw reduction, sweaty palms, sweaty scalp, sweaty armpits,  headaches  etc…

And remember,  These anti-wrinkle injections take 3-5 days to take effect. So, don’t wait for till the last minute for  injection. Plan at-least a week ahead of any social events.